A New Feature Film in Development
Drama, slated for production in 2009

Director Stanley Kwan Kam Pang
Producer Corey Tong
Original Story and Screenplay K.M. Soehnlein and Corey Tong
Production Designer/Art Direction William Chang Suk-Ping
Production Locations Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco, Hawai‘i/Oahu
Primary Languages English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese

Three pairs of modern lovers struggle to keep their relationships alive and buoyant in Tokyo, Hong Kong and San Francisco. Days later, they collide into one another in the ocean off Oahu, Hawai‘i, shattering each others’ fragile lives and, in that moment, altering the courses of their own.

Stanley KWAN Kam Pang - Director
Stanley KWAN Kam Pang (in Mandarin GUAN Jinpeng; in Cantonese KWAN Kam-Pang) was born in Hong Kong, 1957. After studying in the Department of Communications in Baptist College, he joined the television station TVB as a trainee actor but soon moved to the production training division. Initially working as an assistant to several of the young directors who launched a 'new wave' in Hong Kong cinema – including Ann Hui, Yim Ho and Patrick Tam – he soon followed them and directed his own first feature in 1985. His second film LOVE UNTO WASTE was invited into competition in Locarno Film Festival and his third film ROUGE garnered him a substantial international audience. His 1991 THE ACTRESS (aka CENTRE STAGE) won the Best Actress prize at Berlin for Maggie Cheung, and in 1997 HOLD YOU TIGHT won both the Berlin Bauer prize for innovation and the Teddy Award for best lesbian/gay feature. LAN YU and many of his films have premiered at Cannes or Berlin. In addition to his features, which have won him a worldwide art-house following, he has directed shorts, documentaries and a short play that was staged in both Hong Kong and London. Selected Filmography: NUREN XIN (WOMEN, 1985); DIXIA QING (LOVE UNTO WASTE, 1986); YANZHI KOU (ROUGE, 1987); REN ZAI NIU-YUE (FULL MOON IN NEW YORK, 1989); RUAN LINGYU (THE ACTRESS aka CENTRE STAGE, 1991); SIQIN GAOWA ER-DAN SHI (SIQIN GAOWA, 1993, doc); HONG MEIGUI, BAI MEIGUI (RED ROSE, WHITE ROSE, 1995); NAN SHENG NU XIANG (YANG + YIN: GENDER IN CHINESE CINEMA, 1996, doc); NIAN NI RUSHI (STILL LOVE YOU AFTER ALL, 1997, doc); YUE KUAI LE, YUE DUOLUO (HOLD YOU TIGHT, 1997); YOU SHI TIAOWU (THE ISLAND TALES, 1999); LAN YU (2001); YAO YE HUI LANG (NIGHT CORRIDOR, 2003, producer); LIAN ZHI FENG JING (THE FLOATING LANDSCAPE, 2003, producer); CHANGHEN GE (EVERLASTING REGRET, 2005)

Corey Tong – Producer, Co-Writer
Corey Tong is an independent producer, writer and consultant on international co-productions, promotions and festival programming. He is also head of Hawai‘i-based Makai Motion Pictures that produces feature and television co-productions from the Asia-Pacific region. Corey is a producer of the feature from Fiji THE LAND HAS EYES (2004, Sundance; Rotterdam; Shanghai; PBS); production consultant on the doc TO YOU SWEETHEART, ALOHA (PBS, 2005) and is in development on a new feature to be shot on location in Hong Kong, Tokyo, San Francisco and Hawai‘i/Oahu. He is also co-producer on a new feature from the team that produced Golden-Globe winner OSAMA. The former director of special projects for IFFCON's Asia-Pacific Partnership and former director of the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, Corey has also worked with many U.S.- and Asia-based film organizations including: ArcLight/Pacific Theatres; Frameline; Regent Releasing; HAF (Hong Kong); PPP (Pusan); DGFK e.v. Berlin (Germany); Forum des Images (formerly Videotheque de Paris). Recent U.S. theatrical releases as distribution and publicity consultant include: BEAUTIFUL BOXER (Ekachai Uekrongtham/Regent); LAN YU (Stanley Kwan/Strand); LEGEND OF SURIYOTHAI (Chatri Yukol/Sony); RED DOORS (Georgia Lee/Emerging Pictures); BILL MOYERS’ THE CHINESE EXPERIENCE (PBS/Yang-Lennon); BRICK LANE (Sarah Gavron/Sony). From a professional background in architecture and design, Corey has worked in the film industry since 1989 with a focus on Asia-Pacific and Asian American co-productions. He has lived/worked in the Pacific Northwest, New York, Berlin, Avignon, Paris, Tokyo, Jerusalem and Hong Kong. He is now based in San Francisco and Honolulu.

K.M. Soehnlein – Co-Writer
K.M. Soehnlein (“Karl”) is the acclaimed author of two novels, You Can Say You Knew Me When and The World of Normal Boys, both published by Kensington Books. The World of Normal Boys was a San Francisco Chronicle bestseller and won the 2000 Lambda Award for Best Fiction. The novel has been optioned for film by Telling Pictures, the production company of Academy Award-winning directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman (The Times of Harvey Milk; Common Threads; The Celluloid Closet), with Soehnlein writing the adaptation. Soehnlein served for many years as an editor on the independent film journal Release Print. His writings on film, literature and popular culture have appeared in The Village Voice, Out, San Francisco Magazine, San Francisco Bay Guardian and many other publications. Born in New York City and raised in New Jersey, Soehnlein now lives in San Francisco and teaches creative writing at the University of San Francisco.

William CHANG Suk-Ping – Production Designer
William CHANG (William CHANG Suk-ping) is a Hong Kong-based film production designer, art director, costume designer and editor. After completing film school in Vancouver, Canada, Chang returned to Hong Kong in 1976 and has since established a career as one of Asia’s most talented designers. He is best known for creating the mood and style in Wong Kar-wai films, exemplified by actresses Zhang Ziyi and Maggie Cheung draped in vintage cheongsam in films such as 2046 and IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE amid sumptuous sets and locations. Chang has also collaborated with internationally-renown film directors including Stanley Kwan, Yim Ho and Tsui Hark. Chang is also a sought-after interior designer and art-director for private residences, commercial spaces and in the advertising and media worlds. Notable films include: THE LADY FROM SHANGHAI (production designer, in pre-production); DUNG CHE SAI DUK REDUX (ASHES OF TIME REDUX, 2008, production designer, editor); MY BLUEBERRY NIGHTS (production designer, editor); 2046 (production designer, editor, costume designer); LAN YU (production designer, editor, costume designer); FA YEUNG NIN WA (IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, production designer, editor, costume designer); YOU SHI TIAOWU (THE ISLAND TALES, production designer); DUO LUO TIAN SHI (FALLEN ANGELS, production designer); CHUN GWONG CHA SIT (HAPPY TOGETHER, production designer, editor); A FEI ZHENG CHUAN (DAYS OF BEING WILD, production designer, editor); CHUNG HING SAM LAM (CHUNGKING EXPRESS, production designer, editor, costume designer); DUNG CHE SAI DUK (ASHES OF TIME, 1994; production designer, editor); WONG GOK KA MOON (AS TEARS GO BY, 1988, art direction).